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How to buy rock climbing shoes

The golden rule for the best shoe is: it has to fit! But what does that mean exactly for a climbing shoe? It is no use choosing a shoe carefully if the size is not right. If the shoe is too wide then you will slide around it, shoes that are too tight can be so painful that you don’t want to wear them at all.

Rules of thumb

A climbing shoe has to be tighter than a street shoe. But how much?


Details of rock climbing shoes

Details of rock climbing shoes

Special shoes for rock climbing differ from mountaineering and hiking boots in many important aspects. There are different features that would make a style better suited for the different types of climbing

1. Rubber:

 All rock climbing shoes have sticky rubber on the sole and rand. The qualities of rubber vary. The difference in rubber characteristics is minor. Hard rubber will perform better for edging and small ledges. Soft sticky rubber performs better on face climbs.

2. Sole :


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