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About Us

In 1989, in order to manufacture a wide variety of footwear, a group called ‘Keshvari Production Group’ was established by Keshvari brothers (Rahim, Rasoul and Ismail).

The love for nature has existed in this family since the beginning of the sixties. Among the 3 brothers, Rasoul Keshvari discovered his enthusiasm for rock climbing at the age of 17.  For years, he gained valuable experience by practice and perseverance in the highest levels of sport climbing and big wall climbing, along with championship and participating in international courses. By training champions he along with other mountain lovers has enormously influenced the growth and advancement of rock climbing in Iran.

One of the major concerns of Rasoul Keshvari like other Iranian mountaineers has been to supply mountaineering and rock climbing gear. Therefore, he initiated his specialized research on the production of rock climbing shoes by profiting from his previous experiences as well as studying other foreign products and modern manufacturing methods.  This was led to the production of the first rock climbing shoes by Keshvari production group under the name of Arian in 2002.

To participate in global markets the title ’Keshvari Production Group’ changed to ‘Lavan Production Group’ in 2006. By constant contact with other athletes and promoting the quality and variety of products, Lavan Production Group succeeded in proceeding to manufacture its first mountain boots in 2006.

Lavan Production Group is proud that by manufacturing 10 models of rock climbing shoes and 8 models of mountain, backpacking and hiking boots, can appreciate its clients’ trust.

Changes and dynamism in design, quality of products and after sale services are always on the agenda of Lavan production group. Moreover, Lavan production group is particularly considering pursuing the following objectives:

  1. Better introduction of products            
  2. Proper notification on purchase and maintenance of footwear
  3. Encouraging environmentally friendly mountaineering
  4. Encouraging opening new routes
  5. Supporting any artistic and cultural activities associated with mountains

 A brief look at the manufacturing process of Lavan group

  • 1981. Entrance into Iranian footwear industry
  • 1989. Establishment of national manufacturing group
  • 2001. Initiation of specialized research on rock climbing shoes
  • 2002. Producing the first model of rock climbing shoes called Arian
  • 2006. Producing the first model of climbing boots called Ice Trek
  • 2007. Producing the first model of technical climbing boots with the possibility of attaching crampon
  • 2007. Producing various models of trekking and backpacking boots
  • 2009. Developing sale and distribution network in Iran
  • 2010. Launching a comprehensive site, advertising campaign and publicizing

LAVAN SHOE CO. Tehran, IRAN. Tel: +98-21-55898136 Fax: +98-21-55982411 Mobile: +98-912-3260932